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December Destination on Social Media: Moscow 01 December 2019

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This December, “Chasing the Tree” travels to Russia’s snow-covered capital Moscow. This is how we say goodbye to 2019. We aim to take you on a magical journey throughout Moscow, where winter is experienced at its best.

Moscow is the capital of Russia, the largest country on the face of the earth with a surface area of 2,511 square meters. It has a population of 11,92 million people and is home to an ethnically diverse society. Carrying the cultural heritage of its history on its shoulders, the city is considered as a gateway to Europe because of its location.

In Moscow, winters are never without snow; throughout the season, weather conditions are rough and temperature is often below zero. Although, the conditions make it hard for people to visit, tourists are resilient; the number of tourists don’t decrease during winters. One explanation might be the fact that the season doesn’t really affect the daily life.

Named after the Moscow River running through it, the city is also known as the largest landlocked city -and no access to the sea is something people often complain about.

You may think, “Oh, this is a landlocked city and it’s pretty cold. Why would I bother visiting?” Well, don’t. Because Moscow has a lot to offer.

The city’s symbol Red Square makes it to the top on the list of Moscow’s must-see destinations. This historically-charged square is still extremely significant. Kremlin Palace and St. Basil’s Cathedral are the two destinations that add a little color to the city. One of the world’s most important venues, Bolshoi Theater is also located in Moscow. Throughout the year, the venue hosts a rich variety of opera and ballet performances.

Russia’s capital Moscow will motivate you about your new year resolutions. Follow Yıldız Entegre’s social media accounts throughout December to learn more about Moscow.