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To have employees who are talented, loyal to the employer and adopted the values and principles of Yildiz Entegre.


To ensure that contemporary Human Resources practices would be implemented in compliance with our targets and strategies; to ensure employment of the staff specialized on matters according to the needs; run planning and implementation activities for training the next cadres for the future; and to ensure implementation of the structuring and work processes to procure efficiency and profitability.


To analyze the current and future needs of the organization to enable Yildiz Entegre to reach its strategic targets and maintain its leadership in the relevant sector; to procure a reliable, fast-improving and proactive organizational structure; and to establish the most appropriate human resources for these requirements.


From the understanding of «We are a Team»; our Human Resource Policy is

  • To procure sustainability of employee satisfaction that is the most effective factor in our company’s continuing success by creating an inspiring and proud working environment and to preserve such position; and to ensure improvement of knowledge, skills and competence of our high qualified employees of our corporation, being customer oriented and responsible against the society and giving importance to the ethical values and always targeting to gain; and to become the mostly-preferred corporation in its sector by discovering the potentials of our employees, and ensuring that they continuously display superior performance.
  • To appoint appropriate employees to the right positions based on our customer – oriented approach; to select high potential employees in our company; to ensure their improvement in various occupational branches by rotation practices; to evaluate their performances by means of performance management system; to make career planning by means of promotions; and to maintain long term cooperation with our employees.